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Heaven Meets Earth September 2016 ALFW 8-week workshop

Hi guy’s,

Looking forward to tomorrows class at HME! Let me know if you are clear on everything. If you have and questions reach out to me. You should all have received a youtube link to how to use my A Light From Within Book video. (And if not… here it is:

Be well!

Miguel and Mary

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Upcoming 6 ALFW 8-week course at Bodhi Center June 12th, 201

Looking forward to meeting everyone at our ALFW Course this Sunday!


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Knowing when to control … and when to let go

It is through the process of contemplation that I better understand the mechanics of not just myself, but the changing world around me.

As having neither the control of the wings of a bird, I, nonetheless, am not not that bird.

And just as there no separation between a morning mountain dew drop and an Ocean and the Sea.

Only layers: Layers of ever-evolving awareness.

This is the brick and mortar of the gift of life: Compassion. Awareness. Creation. Deconstruction

Knowing when to control and when to let go … this is the key to understanding the endless combinations of bliss and ignorance.

– Miguel Latronica

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Compassion and understanding

I ask of myself what not is that I see, but rather what is it that I do not see?
What it is I do not see moves me far greater beyond the reef of belief. That’s just it! The leap of faith that humanity knows so much more than I will ever know. And all I need to do is open my heart and learn to listen it’s sweet melody. Miguel Latronica

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Today’s official first post for ALFW Yoga Workbook and Journal

Welcome all!
As of today I will be devoting much of my time to developing the ALFW blog. I can really use your help. First and most pressing: How is this homepage organized? Is it concise, simple and clear enough?
Are there any missing elements? With your help my goal is to create a yoga  community where we can exchange our personal views on life, yoga and self-transformation. Are there any of you that like to write and would be interested in becoming a moderator for this blog?

In kind,

Miguel Latronica


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Janu Sirs C

Cobra – Pose 14

Core. Core Core.

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